we are serving humanity for the treatment of parlysis with ayruveda over 100 years

Paralysis is treatable with the advent of latest Ayurvedic Research Medicine. Dr. Dassan's Ayurvedic Neuro Centre is reputed for successfully treating paralytic patients for the last 55 years. Satisfactory results over thousands of patients suffering from C.V.D. (Cerebral Vescular Diseases) or Stroke (Paralysis).

Besides improving speech disorders associated with C.V.D. (Dysphasia, Dysarthia) it also revives speech defects and other neuorological disorders.

This medicine is safe and very effective for Monoplegia, Hemiplegia, Para-Plegia, Di-Plegia and Facial Palsy spinal disorders etc. This medicine also reduces cholestrol.


Inactivity of body limbs (paralysis), invariably sets in due to haemorrhage, diminished blood circulation due to clot, spinal injury and other factors. People having high extent of sugar and blood pressure are more prone to paralytic attack.


Paralytic attack leads to inactiveness of body limbs, inability to raise hand-arm-leg, weakness of neuro-muscular system, difficulty in balancing while walking, non-sensation of passing urine or stool, twisting of one side of the face, speechlessness due to inactivity of tongue, falling of food particles or liquid out of the mouth while eating etc.

Alarming & Starting Symptoms

Whereas, initial alarming symptoms of pre-paralysis attack are frequent numbness, weakness in arms and legs either on one side or on both sides, feeling of ants crawling on body limbs, neurological pain, stiffness, imbalance of body, tendency of crippling of body parts, tremours, heaviness in the body limbs and sudden non-functioning of eye-lids etc. Do not ignore these symptoms even if they have disappeared. If treated in time, one can also successfully avoid the attack of bed ridden, crippling, agonising paralysis.

For New Patients

Paralysis patients who are within the period of three months from the date of paralysis attack are recommended minimum one month treatment. Corresponding to the improvement noticed, for further improvement continued treatment for a few more months is advised, in consultation with your doctor For any further information, kindly use helpline.

For Chronic Patients

Those patients who are paralised for more than five months, such patients must take treatment for a minimum duration of two months. However, depending upon satisfactory results, treatment may be continued for a few more months. without any side effect's For any further information, kindly use helpline.

Dr.Dassan's Ayurvedic Centre treatment facilitates dissolving blood clots by an Ayurvedic Medicine developed by renowned Ayurvedic Specialist Dr. C.L.Dassan who has been awarded Rashtriya Swasthya Samman Puraskar for having invented and developed the latest extremely successful Ayurvedic Medicine Selfon Capsules for Paralysis in association with other colleagues. Selfon Capsules ensure proper blood circulation by preventing thrombosis embolism, atherosclerosis and hyper- lipidaemia resulting in satisfactory relief in a short span of time.

At the onset of the attack of paralysis, the neuro-muscular activity gets diminished.

Hence it is of paramount importance that, for new patient of paralysis, the treatment with Selfon Capsules must be started, as early as possible. The visible results can be experienced within a short span of time and the patient may be, as well, saved from leading bed ridden life.

Unfortunately, with the passage of time, the old patient of paralysis, who had not been treated properly, due to ignorance, can also become self-sufficient, gradually, depending upon severity and aliment history of the patient.

New Patients of Paralysis recover sooner and old patients can become self Sufficient in few days. This Ayurvedic medicine is based on Vedas and Shastras. This medicine is based and developed through natural and pure herbs in hygenic conditions.

Selfon Capsules is very effective without any side effects. It also minimises the chances of re-attack of paralysis.

It is very pertinent to understand that the longer the blood clot remains undissolved, it weakens tissues and cells which subsequently get damaged. The sooner the treatment is undertaken, atleast the weak tissues and cells are revivable, thereby improving the condition of the patient significantly.

In such a situation, the treatment must be undertaken at the earliest so that weak tissues and cells do not get absolutely damaged. The record of numerous paralysis patients, successfully treated, is available at our centre. You are welcome to our treatment centre, failing which, you may mail patient's history and details of disease through e-mail or telephone.

We shall come back to you within 24 hours. Note : Patient Suffering from paralysis may suffer from other related diseases like Blood Pressure, Sugar, Anaemia, Loss of appetite Constipation etc. for which supportive medicines can be given without any adversce effect along with this treatment. For detail information contact help-line.

  • Control High Blood Pressure, Suger & Temperature Of The Patient By Getting It Checked Regularly During The Use Of This Medicine.

  • If The Patient Is Suffering From Constipation Mild Laxative Such As Welfeel Capsules Should Be Given Before This Medicine.

  • Vata Aggravating Diet Should Be Avoided.

  • Milk And Fresh Water, Should Be Taken In Plenty/Abundance During The Use Of This Medicine.

  • Patient Is Also Advised To Massage The Affected Side With Bodywalk Oil.

  • You May Continue Taking Prescribed Drugs That Are Recommended By Your Doctor However, If You Wish To Start Our Treatment You Must Stop All Other Herbs/ Homepathic Or Any Other Supplements.

  • Before Taking This Medicine Patient Must Be Fully Conscious, Stable And Digestive System Should Be Normal The Medicine Should Be Used After The Initial (Critical) Phase Of The Stroke Is Over

  • Take One Capsule With Luke Warm Or Fresh Water Followed By One Munakka (Available At Pansari Shop.) After 15-20 Minutes Give One Glass Of Pure Milk (Preferably Cow's Milk) Repeat The Same In The Evening .

  • In Case Of The Patient Having Weak Digestive System Or Poor Apetite , Only One Capsule A Day Should Be Administered.

  • However In Such Like Patients Take Out Contents Of The Capsule And Divide It In Two Equal Parts Make Paste Of The Contents In Little Water Or Honey.

  • Take One Part In The Morning And The Other Part In The Evening With Malai Or Honey.

  • After Every Week Skip The Dose For 2 Days And Restart The Treatment According For A Further Period Of 3 To 4 Months. However, After 4 Months, If Required, Give A Gap Of 15 Days & Continue Treatment Further.
  • Smoking And Consumption Of Alcohol Must Be Avoided.

  • In Case Of Fever, Anemia, Diarrhea, Swelling, Urinary Problems, Liver Problems, Skip This Medicine During That Span, Thereafter Continue It As Before. The Patient Should Get Monitored Hemoglobin Cholesterol Regularly.

  • Constipation Should Be Avoided.

  • Kali (Mah Ki) Daal, Raj Mah, Potato, Arbi, Cauli Flower, Corn Chapati (Makki Ki Roti) Spicy Food, Lassi, Stale Food, Cold Drinks And Banana Should Be Avoided. Avoid Cooler And A.C. Always Take Bath With Luke Warm Water.

  • Additional Quantity Of Milk (Three To Four Glasses Or 1 Litre) Preferably Cow's Milk Or 23 Spoonful Quantity Of Desi Ghee Or Butter, Green Vegetables, Yellow Daal, Papita, Fruit Juice, Amla, Pudina, Tulsi And Almonds Etc. Should Be Taken Regularly.

  • As It Is Known That Our Brain Gives Command To Our Various Parts Of Body To Act, So It Is Of Utmost Importance That Our Body Joints And Muscles Remain Flexible To Obey Parts The Command Given By The Brain.

  • As Such, Oil Massage Must Be Done On Affected Body Parts And Oil Should Get Absorbed In The Body Through Skin.

  • To Further Enhance The Flexibility, Sufficient Exercise Of The Affected Parts Should Be Done By Opening Outwardly And Inwardly, Thereby, Facilitating The Affected Part To Become Active, The Earliest Possible.

  • One Should Take 24 Glasses Of Water In Copper Vessel, Empty Stomach In The Morning.

  • Meditation Yoga Pranayama And Other Exercies May Be Undertaken Regularly.

  • Food Should Be Completely Chewed And Then Swallow.

  • Urine, Stool, Yawning, Sneezing And Even Crying Should Not Be Suppressed.

  • Adequate Sleep And Rest Must Be Ensured.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner Must Be Take At Appropriate Time Without Delay.

  • Follow Hygienic Sanitation Habits.

  • Avoid Aluminum Utensils.

  • Mustard Oil, Til Oil Or Coconut Oil Should Be Used As Cooking Medium Avoid Spitting Instead Swallow Saliva.
  • Being Pure Ayurvedic Formulation, No Side Effects Have Ever Been Reported. However Due To Poor Immunity Of The Patients Mild, Nausea, Vomiting Or Loss Of Apaalite Can Be Taken Care Of By Administering More Soothing Agents Like Milk (One Or Two Glasses) Or Ghee (Two To Three Tea Spoons) Or Butter (Two To Three Tea Spoons) Or Orange, Juice (Half Or One Glass) May Be Taken.

  • Selfon Capsules Absorb Fat Contents Thereby Reuces Cholesterol. Sufficient Quantity Of Milk, Malai, Cream Or Butter Should Be Given To The Patient With Selfon Capsules.

  • It Will Not Have Any Adverse Effect.

  • The Alternate Arrangements Are Made For The Patients Through Out The World To Recieve The Medicine At Their Respective Places, On Receipt Of Phone Call, Email. Dietry Informations, Dose Of Medicine And Other Relevent Informations Are Specified On The Leaflet Inserted In The Dr.Dassan's Paralysis Fast Recovery Treatment Pack

  • Following Additional Medicines For Quicker Relief In Paralysis Are Also Recommended.

  • Incase The Patient Of Paralysis Is Also Suffering From Constipation Welfeel Capsules May Also Be Given.

  • BP Flow Capsules May Be Given Incase The Patient Is Suffering From High Blood Pressure.
  • Sugar May Be Maintained By Madhudim Granules

  • Brainon Capsules Stimulates Nervous System & Accelerates Recovery.