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Anti Fever


Anti-fever helps in maintaining normal body temperature. It aids in fighting against bacteria & viruses and supports body in combating symptoms like cold, cough & fever.

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Tablets : 30 , 330 Mg Per Tablet, Certified By ISO & FSSAI. Natural Herbal Ayurvedic Organic Medicine

Composition of Anti-fever Supplement:Each 330 mg tablet contains herb extract: MahaSudarshanChurna.

Effect on doshas

MahasudarshanChurna has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that help in treating fever symptoms. This also improves appetite functions and digestive processes within the body.

Adverse Effects:

  • → No Side-effects. The constituents of Anti-fever are being used since a long time without any specific safety concerns


  • → 2 or 3 Tab twice or thrice a day before one hour of taking meal with water or as directed by the physician.


  • → Fever.
  • → Body ache.
  • → Fatigue.
  • → Headache.
  • → Backache/Muscle Pain.
  • → Tootache.
  • → Cold/Flu aches and pain.
  • → Weakness.

OUR Product USP:

In our formulation, we used herbs extracts in appropriate quantity which is mentioned on the label.

  • → Used higher concentrated pure and standardized herbal extracts.

  • → Product formulated by qualified and experienced Ayurveda Doctor.

  • → No added synthetic colors, chemicals, and artificial flavoring agents.

  • → Using since 1959 in our clinical practice.

  • → 100% Vegetarian Product.

  • → GMP Certified & Registered Manufacturing Unit.

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