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Ayurvedic Paralysis Treatment

We are serving humanity with Ayurveda for the treatment of paralysis over 59 years.
Paralysis is treatable with the advent of latest Ayurvedic Research Medicine. Dr. Dassan’s Ayurvedic Neuro Centre is reputed for successfully treating paralytic patients for the last 59 years. Satisfactory results over thousands of patients suffering from C.V.D. (Cerebral Vascular Diseases) or Stroke (Paralysis).Besides improving speech disorders associated with C.V.D. (Dysphasia, Dysarthia), it also revives speech defects and other neuorological disorders. This medicine is safe and very effective for Monoplegia, Hemiplegia, Para-Plegia, Di-Plegia and Facial Palsy spinal disorders etc. This medicine also reduces cholestrol.

Bodywalk oil provides promt relief in painful joints, low backache and other painful conditions of musculo-skeletal origin. it is also effective in itching and burning sensations due to urticaria insect bites and mild infections.

The natural ingredients in brainon capsules helps in improving mental status, enhances memory span and concentration ability on long term basis. Brainon capsules treat neurological disorders. Brainon capsules diminish the concentration level of tribulin.

we have been providing effective treatment of paralysis with patent ayurvedic medicines or most effective product in paralysis treatment is SELFON Neuro Capsule. Selfon neuro capsules have a direct effect on central nervous system.

Inactivity of body limbs (paralysis), invariably sets in due to hemorrhage, diminished blood circulation due to clot, spinal injury and other factors. People having high extent of sugar and blood pressure are more prone to paralytic attack.

Symptoms –

Paralytic attack leads to inactiveness of body limbs, inability to raise hand-arm-leg, weakness of neuro-muscular system, difficulty in balancing while walking, non-sensation of passing urine or stool, twisting of one side of the face, speechlessness due to inactivity of tongue, falling of food particles or liquid out of the mouth while eating etc.

Alarming & Starting Symptoms

Whereas, initial alarming symptoms of pre-paralysis attack are frequent numbness, weakness in arms and legs either on one side or on both sides, feeling of ants crawling on body limbs, neurological pain, stiffness, imbalance of body, tendency of crippling of body parts, tremours, heaviness in the body limbs and sudden non-functioning of eye-lids etc. Do not ignore these symptoms even if they have disappeared. If treated in time, one can also successfully avoid the attack of bed ridden, crippling, agonising paralysis.

Dr.Dassan’s Ayurvedic Centre treatment facilitates dissolving blood clots by an Ayurvedic Medicine developed by renowned Ayurvedic Specialist Dr. C.L.Dassan, who has been awarded Rashtriya Swasthya Samman Puraskar for having invented and developed the latest extremely successful Ayurvedic Medicine Selfon Capsules for Paralysis in association with other colleagues. Selfon Capsules ensures proper blood circulation by preventing thrombosis embolism, atherosclerosis and hyper- lipidaemia resulting in satisfactory relief in a short span of time. At the onset of the attack of paralysis, the neuro-muscular activity gets diminished. Hence it is of paramount importance that, for new patient of paralysis, the treatment with Selfon Capsules must start as early as possible. The visible results can be experienced within a short span of time and the patient may be, as well, saved from leading bed ridden life. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, the old patient of paralysis, who had not been treated properly, due to ignorance, can also become self-sufficient, gradually, depending upon severity and ailment history of the patient. New Patients of Paralysis recover sooner and old patients can become Self Sufficient. This Ayurvedic medicine is based on Vedas and Shastras. This medicine is based and developed through natural and pure herbs in hygienic conditions.

It is very pertinent to understand that the longer the blood clot remains undissolved, it weakens tissues and cells which subsequently get damaged. The sooner the treatment is undertaken, atleast the weak tissues and cells could be revived, thereby improving the condition of the patient significantly. In such a situation, the treatment must be undertaken at the earliest so that weak tissues and cells do not get absolutely damaged. The record of numerous paralysis patients, successfully treated, is available at our centre. You are welcome to our treatment centre, failing which; you may mail patient’s history and details of disease through e-mail, whatsapp or telephone. We shall come back to you within 24-48 hours. Note: Patient suffering from paralysis may suffer from other related diseases like Blood Pressure, Sugar, Anemia, and Loss of appetite Constipation etc. for which supportive medicines can be given without any adverse effect along with this treatment. For detail information, contact help-line.

  • Control high blood pressure, sugar & temperature of the patient by getting it checked regularly during the course of this medicine.
  • If the patient is suffering from Constipation, then Welfeel capsules should be given before this medicine.
  • “Vata” aggravating diet should be avoided
  • Milk and Fresh Water should be taken in abundance during use of this medicine.
  • Patient is also advised to massage the affected side with Bodywalk oil.


We, at Dr.Dassan’s Ayurvedic Formulations have been treating patients of Paralysis for last 59 years. Our Govt. approved patent medicine SELF ON has been made according to the Shastras. It helps in reviving the Neurological system of the body. There is no specific treatment of Paralysis in allopathy. Allopathic medicines, such as Aspirin, dilute the blood but might not dissolve the clots. Our medicine (made according to Shastras) helps in dissolving the clots and helps reviving damaged neurons. Also, if the patient’s memory and speech is affected, we prescribe Brain-On along with Self-On.

In case of non-hemorrhagic attack, SELF ON helps in dissolving blood clots and helps in improving blood circulation in Brain. And, in case of hemorrhagic attack, SELF ON helps in restructuring the punctured nerve and thus helps in reducing Oedema (swelling) & improving the blood circulation in the Brain. Thus, stabilising the disordered Neurological system. Self On (made according to Shastras) helps in dissolving the clots and revives damaged neurons with time, thus, helping the Neurological system to function properly and efficiently. Brain On, if given along with Self On, stimulates the Brain and provides strength to Neurological system by reviving neurons.

If the disease is less than 2 months old i.e early case, the patient could see significant signs of improvement within 25 days (only 1 pack).

In case of chronic/prolonged disease, it takes time to repair damaged Neurons, patient will see signs of improvement within or at the end of 3 months. Thereafter, it will take 8-10 months or even a year (depending upon how severe the disease is) for the maximum recovery. The little improvement that takes place after the attack is because of passage of time (it has nothing to do with the English Medicine). And, after a saturation, the improvement stops. Moreover, billions of cells get weak per second and ultimately most of them become dead. Self On (Made according to Shastras) helps in preventing cells from further damage and helps in reviving maximum weak cells.

We have numerous records of patients who have got well after undergoing treatment from us. They believed in us and our medicines. They took an initiative, follow our 59 years of experience and your patient can get maximum recovery. If the disease is less than 2 months old, the patient could see significant signs of improvement within 25 days (only 1 pack). Unless it is a very chronic case, the patient shall get maximum recovery if you follow us completely. In some severe cases, it takes time but it is worth it. You cannot find any other treatment better than ours.