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Best Ayurvedic Piles Treatment


Piles is such a disease from which approximately 30% population is suffering. In few people its severity is more and in few, it is less severe. Dr.Dassan’s Ayurvedic herbal formulations treatment & research centre has prepared Pileout capsules after research of several years for piles. It has been tried over numerous patients & thereafter registered as a patent medicine by the government.

  • Best Ayurvedic Piles Treatment

    Generally piles patients aggravate their disease by taking ineffective medicines. As a consequence, the need for operation occurs. Even after surgery, relapse may occur. Numerous patients have been treated by Pileout Capsule. Patients can get cured by pileout capsules within a few days.

Pileout capsules overcome infection, inflammation, internal and external hemorrhoids, pain and pruritus. This medicine is highly useful in bleeding or non bleeding, internal & external piles and relieves its associated complaints like pain in anus, itching, anal fissures burning sensation & problem in defecation etc. from its root. During constipation, hard stools cause bleeding because piles mass gets swollen and that mass gets cracked/ wounded. Therefore, hard stools cause bleeding in piles & consequently anemia, anxiety etc.

Pain in anus during defecation and sitting, piles mass occurrence, bleeding defecation, burning in anal region, itching etc.

  • Patients should avoid irregularity of meals.
  • Hing, Excess sweets, Pickle, Tobacco, Spicy and Fried foods should be avoided.
  • Avoid sitting for long periods.
  • Use whole wheat Atta.
  • Chew food fully before swallowing.
  • Undertake exercise & yoga regularly.
  • Constipation is the main cause and constipation occurs due to digestive system disturbance therefore, digestive system should be cared specially.
  • During defecation, patients should avoid straining and stressing.
  • Papaya, guava, pomegranate, curd, resins, milk should be preferred. Flour along with bran should used and Maida products should be avoided.
  • New patients should complete 15 days course and chronic patients should complete 30 days course and thereafter contact doctor or helpline.
  • During treatment course for any consultation use helpline without any hesitation.
  • Application of “Mustard or Til Oil” after passing stools gives better relief.
  • Avoid Sitting longer at a stretch.

2 Capsules daily empty stomach with ( 400 to 500 gms.) loose curd (patient’s age – 10 to16 years and very weak patients may take only one capsule a day (200 to 250gms.) with loose curd. After every 15 days, skip the dose for 1 day and restart the treatment again; or as directed by the Physician. For any further queries, contact our helpline.

  • - Caution & Contraindications: Pregnant women should not use this medicine as it may cause abortion.
  • - Route of Administrations: Oral
  • - Side Effects: Not Reported.
  • - Adverse Effects: Not Reported.
  • - Drugs Interactions: No clinically significant drug interactions have been reported till date.
  • - Special Warnings: None.
  • - Contraindications: None.