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Pradar Nil Capsules

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Key Ingredients: Provides prompt relief in painful joints, stiff joints, low backache and other painful conditions of musculo-skeletal origin. It is also effective in itching and burning sensations due to urticaria, insect bites and mild infections.


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Leucorrhoea, also known as vaginal discharge is a very common condition in which a thick and sticky discharge releases from the vagina of the women. It has been experienced by most women of all ages, at some time or the other. This is because of the fact that the female genitals are highly prone to infections because they are moist and covered at most times. Moreover, women do tend to sweat a lot in that area, which increases the chances of infections and inflammation. Unfortunately, most women are highly embarrassed by this problem, as it is usually characterized by a foul smelling vaginal discharge that is white in color. Women are not only embarrassed in front of others because of this, but most of them also avoid discussing the problem with their medical health care providers, which is why the treatment for vaginal discharge caused by leucorrhea could be a bit of a challenge. There is no such specific treatment of Leucorrhea in Allopathy. Many Allopathic doctors recommend Ayurvedic medicines for this disease. This medicine cures vaginal infection. This is like a termite which causes nausea, giddiness, back pain which can worsen with time. Pradar Nil is a tested Ayurvedic medicine.Effective in treating Vaginal Infections; Leucorrhoea, Habitual and non-habitual abortion’s complications, all types of leucorrhea, cervix infections, Vaginal Infections, Hormonal Imbalance, treats complications of ovaries and uterus & empowers them.
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