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Pileout Capsules


Key Ingredients :

Babool Bhassam, Neem Nimoli, Reetha, Nag Kesar, Tulsi, Giloye.

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PILEOUT Capsules :

Dr.Dassan’s Ayurvedic herbal formulations treatment & research centre has prepared Pileout capsules after research of several years for piles. It has been tried over numerous patients & thereafter registered as a patent medicine by the government.

Babool Bhassam : Diarrhoea, Heal wounds, Bleeding.

Neem Nimoli : Remove toxins, Free-radicals.

Reetha : Combination with babool.

Tulsi : Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and many other benefits.

Giloye : Boost Immunity, Improves Digestion, Reduces signs of Aging.

Nag Kesar : Hydration, Heal Wounds, Anti-Peptic, Anti-microbial, Anti-allergic.

Dosage : One to Two Capsules Empty Stomach with loose curd.

Packing : 15 Caps. X 1 Strip. = 15 Caps. (Rs. 335/-)

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