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Self On Capsules


Key Ingredients :

Agnitundivati Ras, Rasna, Shudh Hingul, Nag Bhassam, Ras Sindoor, Kant Loh Bhassam, Shudha Gandhak, Vang Bhassam, Tamar Bhassam, Abhrak Bhassam, Tikshan Loh Bhassam, Mirch, Pippla, Sonth, Shudh Somal, Arjuna, Giloye, Shilajit, Mahavatvidvasak ras, Swarna Mashik Bhassam, Erand Tulsi, & Other Bhassams and other 15 herbs.

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SELF-ON Neuro Capsules :

we have been providing effective treatment of paralysis with patent ayurvedic medicines or most effective product in paralysis treatment is SELFON Neuro Capsule. Selfon neuro capsules have a direct effect on central nervous system.

Extract 1 Capsule 685mg. Approx.

Agnitundivati Ras : Helps for Digestive Power.

Rasna : Vata Disorders, Anti-Aging, Blood Purifier & Removes Toxins.

Shudh Hingul :

Nag Bhassam : For Non-Healing Wounds, Epilepsy, Bleeding.

Ras Sindoor : Weak immunity, Non healing wounds, Inflammation related ailments.

Kant Loh Bhassam : Increases hemoglobin levels, Formation of RBCs, Digestive Stimulant.

Shudha Gandhak : Bladder disorder, Arthritis, Depression.

Vang Bhassam : Helps in the formation of RBCs, Pain reliever, Urinary fract disorders.

Tamar Bhassam : (Kapha-Pitta) Treat High Cholestrol.

Abhrak Bhassam : Powerful cellular regenerator, General body tonic, Energy booster.

Tikshan Loh Bhassam : -----

Mirch : -----

Pippla : Used for Constipation, Paralysis of the tongue, diarrhea, Stomachache.

Sonth : Digestive disorders, Respiratory Disorder, Ache and Pain.

Shudh Somal : -----

Arjuna : Heart tonic, Manage Cholesterol.

Giloye : Boost Immunity, Improves Digestion, Reduces signs of Aging.

Shilajit : Anti-Oxidant, Body Immunity, Power Energy Booster, Anti-Inflammatory.

Mahavatvidvasak ras : Neuralgia, Paralysis, Aches, pain, bloating & splenic disorders.

Swarna Mashik Bhassam : Helps in the formation of RBC, Increases HB, Anti-inflammatory.

Erand : -----

Tulsi : Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and many other benefits.

& Other Bhassams and other 15 herbs

Dosage : One to two capsules a day with cow’s milk & Munnaka.

Packing : 12 Caps. X 1 Strips. = 12 Caps. (Rs. 1340/-)

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