Ayurvedic Male Reproductive Health Treatment


We at Dr Dassan's Ayurveda, first try to understand the patient's lifestyle, dietary habits and dosha. This helps us to understand the underlying cause better and we treat the patient accordingly. Ayurvedic medicines to increase sex drive, boost the overall reproductive health, improve sperm count and sperm motility are prescribed to such patients. We use vajikarana herbs which improve strength, potency and sexual vigour. With proper treatment, semen quality and hormonal health is improvised which leads to a happy sexual life and healthy progeny.

  • Q. What Are Lifestyle Factors Associated With Male Infertility?

    Ans. Radiation and chemotherapy can significantly diminish sperm motility and limit sperm production. Depression and emotional stress can have an impact on fertility. Male infertility may be aggravated by occupational exposure to extreme heat, insecticides, and other pollutants. Sperm counts can be decreased and sperm motility can be hampered by smoking, alcohol, medications, and anabolic steroids.

  • Q. What is the cost of the Treatment?

    Ans. Our medicine will cost Rs.5000-8000/- month (depending upon the semen count and sexual vigor). We provide medicines for premature ejaculation, male infertility, and Erectile dysfunction. For this, we first take the report of Semen count, then we provide the medicines accordingly.

  • Q.How can we buy your medicine?

    Ans. You can directly book a free consultation and shop from our website directly. If the patients belong to Punjab, J&K, HP, Haryana, and nearby states, then they can visit our center in Jalandhar & Delhi for Doctor’s advice.

  • Q.How many patients have you treated so far?

    Ans. We have numerous records of patients who have got well after undergoing treatment from us. You can see various . No other treatment has more effective results than our treatment.

  • Q.How much time Ayurvedic treatment takes for curing male infertility?

    Ans. If the problem has occurred recently, then there are high chances of getting cured within 30 days and they will see improvement within 15 days. . But if a male faces infertility or sexual hormonal imbalance for a very long, then treatment can take up to 3- 4 months.

  • Q. How does Ayurveda treat male infertility and related issues?

    Ans.At Dr. Dassan’s Ayurveda, we make an effort to know the patient’s lifestyle, dietary preferences, and dosha in the beginning. As a result, we are better able to identify the underlying reason and treat the patient appropriately. Such individuals are given ayurvedic prescriptions to promote sex drive, improve sperm count and sperm motility, and enhance general reproductive health. We make use of Vajikarana medicines to increase power, potency, and sexual vigor. With the right care, semen quality and hormonal health can be improved, resulting in a fulfilling sexual life and healthy offspring.