Ayurvedic Spine Disorders Treatment


We at Dr Dassan’s Ayurveda, offer a natural treatment for patients with spine disorders. We look at the emotional, physical and diet aspect in order to improve the overall health and rectify the root cause of the ailment. The appropriate lifestyle practices and ayurvedic medicines help reduce the pain, swelling and stiffness in the spine. This in turn helps the patients achieve a smooth, flexible & painless mobility.

Treatment At Glance
  • Q.Why do spine disorders occur?

    Ans.The central nervous system’s main component is the spinal cord. An injured vertebral column can have an impact on the spine causing spinal illnesses, it is an abnormality of the spine that can cause excruciating back pain as well as other issues with daily activities. Therefore, there exist a variety of spine problems. Accidents, degenerative diseases, injuries, infections, tumors, medical conditions, aging-related bone changes, and other factors may be to blame.

  • Q.How can spine disorders affect one’s day-to-day routine?

    Ans.An unhealthy, diseased, or injured spine can lead to major problems and hurt one’s day-to-day activities. It might potentially pose a major risk to the body’s and nervous system’s regular operation. The spine has to be taken care of just as much as the heart and brain.

  • Q.How much does the treatment cost?

    Ans.Our medication will cost Rs.2000-3000/month, which is three times less than the price of physiotherapy (depending on the patient’s appetite and digestive capacity).

  • Q.Why does back pain affect so many people?

    Ans.Our muscles and bones lose suppleness and tone as we age. They become less effective at protecting the vertebrae as they age, making them more prone to spasms or breaking. When the spinal disc ruptures or bulges, pressure is put on the nearby nerves, which causes pain signals to reach the brain. Back discomfort can also be caused by other elements like smoking, obesity, bad posture, and sleep deprivation.

  • Q.How can we purchase your medication?

    Ans.You can directly consult our health experts and make a consultation through our website. Also, patients can visit our center in Jalandhar & Delhi for a check-up and medical guidance if they are from the neighboring states of Punjab, J&K, HP, Haryana, or other surrounding state

  • Q.How many patients have recovered from spine disorders till date?

    Ans.We have a lot of records of patients who have recovered after receiving our care. You can access a variety of success stories here. We have seen no other therapy produce better outcomes than our therapy. For more details, you can check our Youtube channel (link).

  • Q.What are the benefits of ayurvedic medicine?

    Ans.The ability to treat the spine and heal the wear & tear from within which is ayurvedic medicine’s main advantages. It is a fairly economical process. Ayurveda is advantageous because this method has no adverse effects. In the vast majority of situations, we can reduce the need for surgery, enhance patients’ independence in doing daily tasks, and enhance patients’ quality of life. Our Ayurvedic doctors recommend yoga poses for spine flexibility, exercises, and postures that can ease back discomfort. Depending on the type and severity of the issue, one may practice one or several asanas.