Ayurvedic Neurological & Brain Disorders Treatment


We at Dr. Dassan’s Ayurveda, take a holistic approach for treating people with brain disorders. We do not just treat the symptoms of the ailment but we make an effort to completely improve an individual’s lifestyle through our ayurvedic medicines which work amazingly well in improving memory and intellect. Our medicines have a calming effect on the brain which improves nervous signaling and neuro-communication.

  • 1. What if the Patient does not get well after taking your Medicine?

    We have numerous records of patients who have got well after undergoing treatment from us. They believed in us and our medicines. They took an initiative, follow our 65 years of experience and your patient will get maximum recovery. If the disease is less than 2 months old, the patient could see significant signs of improvement within 25 days (only 1 pack). Unless it is a very chronic case, the patient will get maximum recovery if you follow us completely. In some severe cases, it takes time but it is worth it. You will not find any other treatment better than ours.

  • 2. What is the cost of the Treatment?

    Our medicine will cost Rs.3000-6000/ month (depending upon the digestive power and appetite of the patient) which is 3 times less than the cost of Physiotherapy.

  • 3. How can we buy your medicine?

    Click Payment Methods. Also, if the patients belong to Punjab, J&K, HP, Haryana and nearby states, ask them to visit our center at Jalandhar for free check-up and Doctor’s advice.

  • 4. How many patients have you treated so far?

    We have numerous records of patients who have got well after undergoing treatment from us. You can see various . No other treatment has more effective results than our treatment.

  • 5. How does your medicine help along with someone undergoing Physiotherapy?

    Physiotherapy only increases flexibility in the limbs, but does not help in dissolving blood clots and does not help in repairing damaged Neurons. Self On and Brain On will help in dissolving blood clots and also help in repairing damaged Neurons. Stiffness in the limbs can be removed using Body-Walk Oil. If you apply Body-Walk oil to the stiff parts of the body, you might not even require Physiotherapy.