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Re Renal Capsules


RE-RENAL Capsules :

Gokshur, Punernava, Varun, Giloye, Kasni, C.P. Vati and other (21 Herbs) These herbs are processed with multiple herbs.

(Extract 1 Capsule 785mg. Approx)

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RE-RENAL Capsules :

Rerenal is an ayurvedic medicine. It is a combination of five herbs that is important for Kidney’s health i.e. Gokshur – increases the urine output. Punarnva- it repairs nephrons. Varun- it clears the urinary passage. Guduchee- it reduces body heat and also increases the immunity. Kasini- it is for digestion of the medicine.

(Extract 1 Capsule 785mg. Approx.)

Gokshur : Diuretic, Prostate disorders.

Punernava : UTI Infections, Removes Water Retention, Increase Urine Flow (o/p) Helps in avoiding Stones.

Varun : Blood Purifier, Aids digestion, Abdominal Disorders.

Giloye : Boost Immunity, Boost Digestion and numerous other benefits.

Kasni : Removes Excess Accumulated Toxins that are stored in Liver/ Kidneys, Diuretic.
C.P. Vati : It’s not a herb (Combination of Multiple Herbs.) effectively works in kidney’s Infections.

ReRenal Benefits : Helps in decreasing Creatinine levels, Urea and Uric Acid, Anti-Inflammatory. PKD, CKD, Kidney Stones. Cystitis etc.

Dosage : Normal Case 4 Capsules a day with fresh Water.
Moderate Case 6 Capsules a day with fresh Water.
Severe Case 8 Capsules a day with fresh Water.
As a Food Supplement 1-2 capsules a day with fresh Water.

Packing: `15 Caps. X 4 Strips. = 60 Caps. (Rs. 1160/-)

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