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Well plowed, organic fields of Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh give birth to this holy ingredient, “Amla”. When there was a fight between the gods and demons after the ksheera sagar manthan, Amrit started to fall to the ground which later evolved into Amla. This expellant isn’t only historically rich but it has innumerable health benefits which is why Dr Dassan’s Ayurveda has brought you its goodness in the form of Amla tablets. Each tablet is enriched with 100% pure Amla extract that is four times more concentrated than a regular Amla powder. These work exceptionally well in digestion, improvising eye health and controlling diabetes. These are extremely useful in balancing all the three doshas. Its rasayana properties help prevent aging. These tablets work amazingly well in boosting immunity and protecting the body from various diseases. The presence of vitamin C in Amla fastens the process of healing and recovery.
Anamika Singh
Amla is an excellent medicine for body And the way this is made my mum and my husband both are ardent fans of this product.
Hazrat Ali
Nice product and cheap price but quality is good and natural contain.
Abhay Sharma
Best source of Vitamin C. Must needed thing for whole family A 10 year boy can take it and also 80 year old man can take it. Best for immunity Must have supplement
Hazrat Ali
Viva amla table is very nice and natural
Shadab Ahmad
Effective blood purified and good for skin too. Use it with advice from doctor when you have skin problem.
Amla tablets are good for eyesight and immunity. Quality is good. I am using Jiva amla tablets for over 5 years but this is first time buying from Amazon
Bhavesh B.
If you want to buy multiple bottles of Jiva Amla and use it regularly or have many people at home who take it regularly, this is the best option to buy in volume. The addition of the Triphala bottle was a added bonus for me because i consume those as well. Go for it if you want to buy in volume.