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Kutajghana Vati Tablets

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Kutajghana Vati supports healthy digestion balance, helps replenish healthy bacteria and helpful in treating loose motion. Tablets: 60 , 1000 Mg Per Tablet, Certified By ISO & FSSAI. Natural Herbal Ayurvedic Medicine Composition of Bowel Care Supplement: Each 1000 mg tablet contains herb extract: Kuda Chal,Bel ke phal ka chilka , Nagarmotha, Atis, Kutki etc. Kuda Chal It is a traditional ayurvedic remedy that has potent anti-dysenteric, antidiarrheal, anti-amoebic action and haemostatic properties for treating and curing a horde of ailments including dysentery, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, malabsorption syndrome, intestinal infections and different bleeding. Bel ki phal ka chilka: Bael is highly appreciated from ancient time for its soothing properties. It is considered as an esteemed digestive tonic. It aids in digestion, cures ulcers, maintains gut balance, clears bowel movements, relieves pain and abdominal cramps and the list goes on to encompass a huge chunk of benefits. Nagarmotha: Nagarmotha helps to control diarrhea. This is because it improves digestive fire due to its Deepan (appetizer) Pachan (digestive) properties. It also makes the stool thick and reduces the frequency of motion. Atis: Atis is useful in the management of diarrhea due to its antidiarrheal property. Atis also has antimicrobial action and it prevents the growth of various disease-causing organisms in the large intestines. Kutki: Kutki is a herb which improves your digestion power and gives you a better lifestyle. Problems like bowel movements, constipation, excessive gas formation, can be reduced by consuming kutki. Furthermore, kutki plant has laxative properties, which treats constipation, nausea and vomiting.