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Mahabhringraj Oil

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The unique combination of natural ayurvedic herbs promotes hair growth, controls hair fall and nourishes scalp deep to the roots. It is a daily herbal diet for all types of hair. Mahabhringraj Oil: 100ml , 2-3 ml per application, Certified By ISO & FSSAI. Natural Herbal Ayurvedic Medicine Composition of Head & Hair Care Supplement: 100 ml contains herb extract: Til oil, Bhringraj, Majeeth, Padakasht, Garlic, Haldi, Daru Haldi etc. Til oil:Sesame oil is rich in a number of the nutrients your body and hair needs. It helps your hair to grow, be stronger, and look shinier. It protects hair from harmful UV Rays. Bhringraj:This herb treats baldness and helps in hair growth and helps in preventing hair fall. It makes hair lustrous. Majeeth:Manjistha is an effective remedy to improve hair health. Manjistha powder can be used to manage hair problems like greying of hair. It enhances the natural color of the hair and is effective in controlling hair fall. Padakasht:Aloe vera has long been used for treating hair loss. It also soothes the scalp and conditions hair. It helps in reducing dandruff and unblocks hair follicles that may be blocked by excess oil. Garlic:Garlic has anti-microbial properties that help kill germs and bacteria, which are responsible for causing damage to the scalp, further inhibiting hair growth. Raw garlic is known to be rich in vitamin C content that is great for promoting hair-health. It also boosts collagen production that helps stimulate hair growth. Haldi:Turmeric helps in reducing hair loss and reduce loss through breakage. Daru Haldi:This wonder herb has hypoglycaemic, antibacterial, antifungal, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective and antioxidant properties which make it an ideal supplement for various health remedies and also for hair growth.